About me

My Journey


I grew up in church. A series of events and questions caused a 2 year spiral of doubt, questions and confusion. At the end of that time, I renounced my Christianity and became an agnostic. For a decade, I didn't believe in Jesus. God came roaring back into my life in a crazy and unique way. I've been sold out ever since. And my true passion: To see men ascend to what God has called them to be.



Scott is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about men ascending into what God has called them to be. He's available for speaking engagements or one to one discussions. See contact page to reach him.

The Three Pillars


Scott has laid out the explanations and Biblical foundations for each of the Three Pillars of Manhood. They will be released originally as blog posts. If you want to know more, subscribe below and contact Scott.

Set Apart


 Society and modern Christianity tells us that we are to blend in. We are to make peace, to be mute, etc. Where has that gotten us? I'll tell you where: the most passive generation of men in history. Don't believe the lies. God has set His people apart from the time that He chose them. 



 As a follower of Jesus Christ, we are to be disciplined. This includes every facet of our lives. This is so we can be above reproach. It is critically important that we live morally as the world watches. 



 We are in a war. We must train like it. There is a group of us that have a storm brewing inside- those of us who don't shrink back from it. We must train for Spiritual warfare, physical confrontation and firearms proficiency.