My dad slipped and fell down the stairs several years ago. He broke his ankle in a bad way. He’s all healed up now, but I see him walk differently. He puts weight on it a little slower. He steps with the other foot first. Whether out of caution, pain or experience…my dad walks with a limp.

He gets real cautious where the carpet turns to slick wood on that evil staircase. Because of that, I know to be careful in that spot. I tell my kids to slow down at that spot.

You see, I’ve learned a lot from my dad’s caution, pain and experience. And I’m not just talking about that staircase. I’m talking about life. He’s lived a hard one and he can point out some of the upcoming slick spots.

I see a lot of men talking. They glide into the room. Every hair is in place. Straight teeth with a super white smile. Their bible is pristine. They offer advice with an heir of authority. They even drop a bible verse as if some earth-shattering insight has just been given.

I wouldn’t follow these men into a Chik-fil-A. Do you want to know why? They haven’t LIVED. There are no scars earned in tough times or bad decisions. There is no weathering of the skin that is bestowed after being exposed to the elements and Father Time. There is no depth to their advice. Their spirituality is lukewarm and wouldn’t fill a coffee cup.

No. I will not follow these men.

There ARE men worthy to be followed. Men that have fought through this life. They have battled with the devil and beat cancer. They have fought with the same woman through thick and thin – but are still married after 40 years. They have lost their jobs and have done whatever is necessary to provide for their families. Men that have LIVED.

But in the churches I’ve seen, those men are largely silent. A wealth of information and experience just sitting there withheld from other men. And yes, I get it, who wants to help Mr. Super White Smile?

I’ll tell you who.

You can’t just sit back and be satisfied to let things play out. We need Godly men to lead in our churches, at coffee shops and through their work ethic at their jobs. We need men that drag a leg when they move.

When a man chooses to test the Father and hold on dearly to be blessed, he pays a price. There is a cost. Just ask Jacob. He wrestled with God. He was blessed. Nations of God’s people were promised to him. He received a new name, Israel. He received something else: a permanent limp.


You see, no man can wrestle with God and walk away unchanged. But when I see a walk with a limp, a leathered face, and confident unassuming power….well….I’d follow that man just about anywhere.

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