Process: a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

My son is almost 5. I have never seen so much energy in all my life. On top of that, instilled in this young energizer boy is the need to win and be in the lead at all times. Everywhere we walk, he HAS to be in the lead. There’s just one problem:

He has no idea where we are going.

And here’s the other thing. I know EXACTLY where we’re going. But that won’t fill his need to get everywhere first. To show he is a big boy and can do everything on his own. He runs the wrong way. He runs into people. He has to run back to me. He’s doing a lot of running out front. He’s doing far more running than he needs to.

The funny thing is that we are going to end up exactly where I wanted us to end up before we started the walk. The even funnier thing is that he knows this. He is constantly looking back and asking, “Which way now, daddy?” or “Is this the right way, daddy?” Still though, he’s not going to walk patiently next to me until we arrive at our destination.

His desire to run and win and lead is so overwhelming that he literally can’t contain it.

We are smarter than that, right? We are older, more experienced, more mature. Surely, we have learned to be patient and trust the process. To have absolute trust in God’s plan for our lives.


We quote Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for your well-being, not for a disaster, to give you a future and hope.

It makes us feel good. But do we really accept that God wants this for us? I think we do. What I think we don’t want to accept is the process to get that future.

We all know the process.

God will use a refiner’s fire to purify us. He will have us walk through difficult trials. Painful heartaches. Sickness. Betrayal. Disappointment. He will use this fire of pain and sorrow to separate the impurities so they can be removed – leaving a pure metal that can be shaped. And it’s not just about making us beautiful, it’s about making us STRONGER.


Make no mistake about it, God is not trying to make us happy….He is trying to make us holy.


We inherently don’t like this process. There are those of us that don’t like the pain required for growth. There are those of us who don’t trust God enough to surrender total control. There are those of us (like me) who rush ahead trying to complete God’s tasks as fast as I can. As if God’s plans for me are a destination and not a never-ending journey.

Here is where the genius of God comes into play. He knows that He must spoon feed us our assignments. If He gave us a destination, we would rush ahead to the finish. Upon arriving at the finish line, we would quickly realize that we are unprepared for what is next.

This is not God’s plan. His plan is a swift pace and a strong finish. Someone who can keep running.

So, let’s stop running ahead and having to look back and say, “Is this the right way?” Let’s trust the process. Let’s trust God. Let’s lead in this way as men in our households.

Turns out being late is actually being on time. And that’s just where God wants you.

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