“Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:41–42)

I get distracted. You can tell by the lack of writing on this blog. I’m not a big Netflix binger. I don’t sit around watching countless hours of TV. No, my vices of distraction are Youtube debates, podcast theology reviews and audio books. I still work a full-time job and pastor a church. That’s quite a bit of time dedicated to the “musts” of life before I even start with getting distracted.

So here’s the question: If I’m spending my time focused on church, theology, increasing Biblical knowledge, etc., am I doing God’s work or am I just distracted? If I’m being honest (and I kinda have to be on a Biblical blog) ….I’d say there is no doubt in my mind that I’ve lost focus…that I’m DISTRACTED.

How can I say that? I mean, if you look at what I’m doing when I’m distracted, aren’t those good things? I guess that depends. Are there worse things to use as distraction?


But, no matter how “holy” the distraction, if it causes me to place what I believe God has called me to do on the side burner, then it’s bad. Very, very bad- regardless of how GOOD it is.

Take this blog, for example. I 100% believe God gave this blog to me. I believe He gave me a gift to write. And He definitely gave me a heart to see men restored. Yet, I’ve been too caught up in my holy distractions to continue the first mission He gave me!

We see it in the verses above. One was distracted with worldly responsibilities and one found the “good portion” ….or one spent time observing what was truly important. In this Bible story, the good portion is literally the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Hmmm…it’s around 2,000 years later and it’s the same message that is needed today.

To me. And possibly to you.

You know what’s even worse? I love to write. I feel as though I’m using my gift to further the Kingdom when I do. It’s the avenue that provides the most opportunity for me to spread the Gospel. This begs another question: If I love it, if I’m called to it, if it furthers the Kingdom of God, if it spreads the Gospel – why haven’t I written?

Distraction. Unholy distraction cause by seemingly holy things.

It’s true. And it’s not good.

God wants to use me in this way. I’m here to share this lesson with you. I’m here as a sort of mea culpa as well. To publicly say that I’ve failed. I unwittingly moved into disobedience. Of course, as gracious and patient as my Father is, He has waited for me to return to His call.

And here I find Him. Reminding me that it’s all about the Gospel- all the time! You will find me here far more frequently. I pray that here you will find motivation and conviction. I hope where you find motivation- you will be inspired to run! And where you find conviction- you will be inspired to repent!

Well…how about it…is there any place you are letting distraction kill your calling? After all, isn’t that what’s it’s doing?

And at the end of our lives, that’s the big question, did I faithfully live out my calling?

Or did I just read a blog where someone else did?

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