There is a gaping hole in today’s society. There are so many social issues. Hate is running rampant. The distance between the right and the left is an ever expanding chasm. Disagreements, judgement, anger, confusion and many other things have filled this void. What is missing from society that we have reached this state in our country? And even, the world?

I’ll tell you what. Men.

Don’t get me wrong. I see “men” all around me. We are drunk on game day. We spend 5 hours on the golf course several times a week. We cheat on our wives. We expect our wives to raise our children. We lie. We follow those who talk the loudest. Or dress the trendiest. We don’t go to church. Or worse, we do and live out a life that is shallow and self centered. We judge. We gossip. We are silent. We are the problem.

Our fathers did what they thought was right. They did what their fathers did. They went to work. They provided for their family. They did not pour the things needed into their sons. So we do what they did. We work. We provide. We do not pour into our sons or daughters.

WE DON’T LEAD. We don’t know how.

God set a plan for us from the beginning. Adam blew it. He didn’t lead. He let his lack of confidence, his insecurity, his fear, shrink him from his calling – from the place God intended him to lead from. To be the man made in His image. As a result, he was banished from eden.

We have been left out in this harsh world. Twisting in the wind. We are an entire generation of men that have lost our way. When it comes to age and experience there is a noticeable absence of mature men to lead the church. I’m not talking about standing up on the stage preaching. I’m talking about men that get their hands dirty.

No, I’m not referring to their day job. I’m referring to men that are weathered in life. Men that are married and are committed to their wives. Men that lead their wife in prayer and thank God that He fashioned her for him. Men that show their daughters what kind of men they should be looking for….all by watching how that man loves his wife. Men that raise their sons to be men. True men. Faithful men. Loyal men. Respectful men. Godly men.

These sons won’t have to question if they are loved. They won’t have to wonder if they are man enough. They will KNOW they are both. Because a real man will have shown them the way. And they will KNOW who they are in Christ.

That’s family. Family is our obligation. But that’s not what I’m referring to when I say to get our hands dirty.

Getting our hands dirty means identifying other men. Men that have a void of fatherhood in their life. Men that are living with no purpose. Men that are not leaders. It’s our job to disciple them. To get our hands dirty raising up a man where another failed. Taking on their past, their problems, their insecurity, their….dirt.

We need to teach them how to face their past to become restored. That being masculine means being humble, confident and loving. Until it’s time not to. And to teach them to know the difference. We need to teach them to LEAD. To lead in their house, in their marriage, in their fatherhood, in their job, in their church.

We make men here. It’s what we do.
We have been Banished From Eden.
Now we Return to the Fight.